Sunday, August 5, 2012

How I used essential oils for my colicky (or fussy) baby

I use my essential oils everyday, multiple times a day but this morning-after breakfast my baby was crying inconsolably with a gassy tummy ache and to make matters worse he was over tired. Seeing as I had two other small children who needed my attention, I had to think fast!

To calm his gassy tummy, I used a combination of a baby lavender (diluted lavender in fractionated coconut oil) and a small bit ( I just rubbed the top of the bottle with my finger) of DigestZen™ Essential Oil Blend from TERRA to rub on his tiny tummy and did an "I love you" infant massage technique.

To stop his crying I used aromatherapy with Ylang Ylang essential oil, this stopped the crying instantly. Of all the essential oils, Ylang Ylang is one of the best at relaxing the mind and the body and I highly recommended it for colicky babies. Simply sniffing it (which is what he did) can slightly lower blood pressure, relive stress and anxiety.

My baby was clammed and asleep in three minutes flat!

Here is a short video on the "I love you" Massage technique

Friday, June 1, 2012


Now that summer is in full swing our family has had many late-night BBQs, and family gets together.

My kids have been waking up cranky (from lack of sleep and all the fun the night before!) so I started to apply an oil called Citrus Bliss, which is an invigorating blend of citrus oils. This blend consists of bergamot (one of my favorite oils!), lemon, wild orange, grapefruit, mandarin, clementine, and tangerine and a touch of vanilla.

The kids drop the oil in their hands, cup their hands and breathe it in, and then rub it on their necks. It puts smiles on their grumpy morning faces....they call it sunshine.

I'll be doing a Mood Management with Essential Oils class Thursday June 14th at 7pm at the Medical Village, 2180 E 4500 S unit 178, Holladay, Ut 84117. RSVP by June 10th for free oils!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just in Thyme!

Last week, I purchased the Thyme to try out, and I am so happy I did because this week Leona and Dan (my two oldest children) came down with a cold, and one even had a croupy-sounding cough.

just to tell you a little about thyme, the essential oil drops extraction method it is steam distilled from leaves, stems and flower. It's healing properties include being antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiviral, and antiseptic! It has a long history of use in natural medicine in connection with chest and respiratory problems, including coughs, bronchitis, and chest congestion. Thyme is generally safe for human consumption but you really should heavily dilute it ( e.g. one drop of oil in two tsp. of honey or 240 ml of beverage). You may want to dilute it even more since this oil really has the potential to irritation mucus membranes, it's that powerful. It’s not recommended orally for children below six years of age, and because of this I chose to only apply it topically to my children and defuse it in the air.

I mixed 1-2 drops of Thyme with two tablespoons fractionated coconut oil. I applied it to their little feet (and for those of you who don’t know your feet have the largest pores, and the oils can be absorbed through the body fastest), the back of the neck and to the chest. I am doing this in combination with Lemon Oil water, and they are well on their way to recovery. This week, I have been able to put thyme to the mother's test!

a side note, thyme can also be used to treat in children (and adults) worms, eczema, thrush, yeast infections, and ear infections. I am sure there is much more than this so please leave me your suggestions for using thyme!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I had to share this story. Last night, at the Primary Children's Bingo fundraiser my 10 year old nephew asked if he could get an essential oils starter kit of his own (we gave some oils to his mom for her birthday last month). He said "the oils make me feel good". For those of you that don't know, my sweet nephew has struggled with many health problems ranging from asthma, allergies, juvenile diabetes and now sadly permanent hearing loss.

It feels so good that he feels good and that he is asking for something (dōTERRA) that is natural, has no side-effects and is safe!

If you have any question about dōTERRA, how to use essential oils or if you'd like to get started with oils for your family email me!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Newborn and Infant Blend

I took a mother's touch class today and just put together a newborn/infant blend for baby Lliam... its great for infant massage, colic, and diaper rash.  


Two Drops Lavender

One Drop Melaleuca

One Drop Roman Chamomile

Two Tb. Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)

Note: You always want to store your oils, and blends, in dark bottles to protect them from sunlight (or heating and cooling) as speed up the process of oxidation (deterioration) of the oils. 

I then did some infant massage,  there are some great techniques you can watch on YouTube but here is some quick instruction on How to Massage Your Baby to Help With Gas or Colic.

I hope your babies enjoy this blend as much as mine did! 

Click here to get your essential oils!

If you have any questions about how to use them or what to use email me!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Shannon Family
My name is Sondra Shannon. I am a wife, mother of three, and successful entrepreneur based in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. 

I have become obsessed with dōTERRA essential oils and I wanted to tell you why. At the very tail end of the pregnancy with my third child, I was very sick with bronchitis for nearly four weeks, and additionally I had broken a rib from coughing so hard. I was miserable. The doctors who diagnosed me put me on an inhaler and two rounds of different kinds of antibiotics. Despite their good intentions, nothing they did worked and with my estimated date of delivery only three weeks ahead of me, I was becoming quite anxious. I had planned to deliver my baby naturally, with no pain drugs, and at home with a midwife. 

Seeing my predicament, my midwife suggested that I visit a friend of hers who used essential oils. Very skeptical, but desperate, my husband and I went to her home and she very patiently explained the "wheres" and "whys" of essential oils, and eventually why she had started only using the essential oils from dōTERRA. She placed a drop of oil (Breathe) in the palm of my hands and asked me to inhale for 1 minute. I was amazed at how well I could breathe and without my inhaler! She then rubbed oil (Deep Blue) all over where my rib had broken and I immediately felt pain relief! Then she had me put one drop of lavender in the back of my throat to calm my cough, and it did! 

Before we left she rubbed my feet with fractionated coconut oil, oregano oil, and onguard. I admit, I thought this was a little strange. She told me to do this same routine several time a day. In my desperation to get well before my new baby was to arrive, I was willing to try anything. So I did the routine, and by the second day my illness had all but disappeared! Within two weeks (he actually arrived a week ahead of schedule) I was able to birth my baby at home, fully recuperated (besides nursing a broken rib, which I was happy to have Deep Blue). The essential oils work so gently and without any side effects! 

Baby Lliam born at home March 12, 2012
I have since watched as the essential oils have healed my children, family and friends from everyday illnesses (sinus infections, fever, ear infections, etc.). That’s why I created this blog, so I could document and share some of my research, especially for those whom use the oils for their kid's illness or for prevention. 

I hope you enjoy my blog and supporting my research! If you are interested in purchasing essential oils, I recommend dōTERRA and I can help you in purchasing the right dōTERRA essential oils for you and your family. Visit my online store here!